Min Singha’s good sales, The famous yatra that sells everything that needs to be sold

I no longer preach fortune telling in the city, so I had to give fortune telling even at my parents’ house. I needed capital to do a job. At that time, I wrote “Salt Bottle Snow Maung” novels

He has already written widely. While in the hospital, the first volume of “Brahmin Bakon” The second volume has already been written.

That novel is the novel that made my writing life successful. Even though the writer’s life is successful, the money is still not enough

It has been increased to kyat. My desire to ride a car became strong, so I bought a second-hand Helamin car and drove it.

That car caused me a lot of trouble. Fortune telling because it often fails

I used to go to the car repair shop without eating. A friend of mine… “Teacher

Min Singha Buying a broken-down car is more expensive than buying a concubine. If you take a concubine, everything you can find will be in her hands.

It’s the same if the car is damaged. The best advice is to sell it,” he said.

I searched various brokers for that little Helamin car and asked him to pay for it. But he sold it and left. Then I said to myself as follows.

“In the case of an emergency, I have to have good stamina, which is the difficulty I am facing now. I want to sell my car.”

But it just doesn’t come out. So, what do I have that can overcome that difficulty? I only have knowledge.

After muttering the above, I thought about English arts again and remembered the following topic.

“They want to sell, they want to sell it, they want to sell it, they want to sell it, they want to sell it, they want to sell it, and they want to sell it.” Therefore, the morning of Monday, which means car, is Saturday.

Therefore, on Saturday, he told Maung Tun Kyi to hit the back of the car saying “get out”. When I was asked to shoot, it was Saturday between 4:30 and 6:00.

As soon as I did that, within 3 days, my old Helamin car was sold and left because of my good friend Mr. Kyishin. I was very happy.

Two days later, a woman from Hinthata wanted to sell her rice mill and came to ask for help.

Because of the machine, which is Sunday, On Sunday, between 4:30 and 6:00 p.m., the Sunday boy was asked to hit the machine 6 times with the number of Sunday.

The machine also left. That’s why the lady said to me.. “Even though I’m young.”
“I’m kicking knowledge,” he said, and started kicking money and things.

I fight in this way, estates, machines, cars, ships, He sold big CB Sambans.

Therefore, along the line of astrologers of Kyu Nop, this is the way to me

It was a well-fed way. Because of that video, my reputation was also huge.

Note .…… Friend, think this way.

Someday this little trick will benefit you greatly. Therefore, the table shown below

With just ten minutes of note-taking, you can easily shine a light on your next hard-selling item. Then you will thank me.

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