7 days a week fortune paper


During this period, I would like to accept the job only after thinking about whether I can do it or not. You will experience regaining things that you thought were lost.

Since it is the period when the children are born, there is a kind of penance for children. They should be examined by a doctor. Their difficulties are not caused by themselves, but by other people.


Helping those who are currently in trouble, Picking up at home No guarantees should be made. Luck will be low. Love luck is a little bad. It will be a time to receive your lover’s cares.

It will be a happy period for married people. Health is high blood pressure, low blood pressure Arthritis often occurs. If you have been experiencing pain in the past, you may be able to resolve it this week.


They often experience grief because of their relatives. Unexpectedly, they get help from elders. It is a time of peace and happiness in love. As a partnership, it is a time when we will be angry because we tend to be suspicious of each other and blame each other.

There will be a lot of joy and fun. Money is very good. Mother/mother-like older women often encounter help and care. Being frustrated by associations and colleagues, competition, You often encounter problems.


During this period, there will be many disappointments in relationships with people. Love luck is bad. Unexpected things happen often.

Married people are often misunderstood by their parents and relatives. You should be especially careful when selling/buying a vehicle during this time. Wrong selling happens.

We should be allowed to help the lower classes. You will have the opportunity to help someone in trouble. You will be able to do volunteer work and charity work. I will be lucky during this period. Travel to areas you have never been to.


Wholesale business will be financially tight. Representative jobs must be profitable. If overnight guests arrive at the house, don’t let widowers or widowers sleep in the guest rooms or front rooms. The luck of love is perfect.

Lovers who are comfortable are often separated from their lover temporarily. For married couples, it is a period when intended expectations will arise. People who get married with less understanding tend to believe in bad words and find problems for themselves.


It’s hard to go forward and it’s hard to go back. This is a time when there is a lot of opposition, so you should be very careful with your speech.

Be careful, especially government employees. A wrong word can lead to trouble. Love luck is peaceful.

For married couples, they experience one happiness after another. It’s a period of good fortune, even though luck is mixed with both good and bad. It’s more convenient for those who don’t follow money and only rely on work. It’s a period when expectations will come true.


Personal jobs and money will be lucky. New customers will be obtained through word of mouth from old customers. In terms of romantic luck, you may break up or have arguments because of different ideas.

Being impatient, getting angry easily is common during this period.

building a house outside the house buying a house New building preparation, house/dormitory relocation, etc. are often encountered.

land inheritance It is a time for success in matters such as education. Old cases and old problems often appear. Those who have old enmity, Those who have threatened others, People who have lost their lives because of themselves will have to return to their own suffering.

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