A woman who proves what women’s taste is

Once a Brahmin was entering the palace as he was very close to the king, so he entered the inner chamber to meet the king.

Without seeing the king, I saw the king’s queen calling Sedaw. As the thread was about to loosen, I could see the lustful focus.

The Brahmin also continued and left as it was inappropriate. The queen also woke up when she heard footsteps, and when she looked at the door, she saw the Brahmin’s back.

The queen stayed behind as she put on her clothes. The next few days, the Brahmin did not come to the palace anymore. The Brahmin was sick and could not enter the palace, so the queen thought about it.

Are you talking about the matter the other day? The Brahmin is highly educated and has a lot of experience.

The Brahmin also did not let the secret beauty of the queen that he saw the other day go out of his eyes. The difficulty is that the king’s queen will kill the king and ascend the throne.

Feeling the pain in my heart, I could not eat or sleep, and while I was in a state of confusion, one of the palace servants ordered the Brahmin to go to the Brahmin.

His eyes fluttered like he was in a trance, his desire to see and know, unable to eat or drink, like a Brahmin lying in bed having taken a good medicine, he got up and went to the palace.

When he arrived at the palace, the queen welcomed him with a smile and asked if the Brahmin was not well. It’s true, I can’t sleep, I can’t eat, I’m longing for something and I can’t want anything.

The queen said with a smile, “Oh, Brahmin, I know this, and I have prepared three cups of good medicine for the Brahmin.” As I handed over the cup of medicine that was placed in front of me, what did the golden Brahmin say?

In one gulp, I put it down and didn’t ask anything anymore.

The queen handed over another cup again, and the Brahmin took a sip and felt a little bit of medicinal taste in this cup. When the second cup was finished, the queen handed over the third medicine cup.

The queen drank it. The Brahmin laughed and said sweetly that the disease was cured. He drank it again. This time, the Brahmin looked carefully at the queen again. I’m thinking about it.

When the queen realized this, the Brahmin

1. When I asked what kind of cup was the first cup, it was a copper cup.

2. The second cup is a silver cup because it is a Brahmin.

3. What about the third cup? It’s a gold cup because it’s a big brahmin, and it’s worth it because it has so many flavors.

While answering the queen’s question, the Brahmin thought that the queen wanted to say that only the surface of the cup changes, but the taste inside does not change.

When I thought about why I wanted to say it again, it was because I was attracted to the queen. With the queen’s insignia, it looked like a golden cup. The Brahmin in the house is wearing a Brahmin insignia, so it looks like a silver cup.

The taste was fantastic, and I understood that this was what the queen wanted to say. I understood correctly. The queen praised me for being wise.

The queen replied that the Brahmin is also wise. So the Brahmin also lost his mental illness and was able to eat, sleep and work as usual.

If you understand this, you will no longer need to betray your spouse. All of them are based on the example of how to explain the focus from the book of the Fundamental Dharma of the Great Gandhara Monk Phan Tan Tan Pa Lema.

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