For young girls to read.

The word “puberty, young and beautiful” is a girl

The principle of beauty is placed in virginity.

A young girl should be aware of the changes in her body when she becomes a virgin

Points are frequently asked questions on OnDoctor.

As parents, they did not allow their daughter to change her lifestyle

They ask because they want to know the facts of puberty early.


(1) Age of virginity

As a girl, she is a virgin between the ages of 8 and 13.

Overweight girls tend to reach puberty earlier

Thin girls tend to be late.

At the age of 12, without breast development, when the period is late until the age of 15

It is necessary to check with a doctor.

(2) Hormonal changes

During puberty, the female hormone estrogen is released from the ovaries due to hormones released from the body.

Because of this hormone, she gradually started to change into a girl.

Depending on the fluctuation of hormones, the state of virginity often changes rapidly.

(3) Development and weight gain

The development of most girls is rapid, and in the beginning, it is faster than boys.

Therefore, girls in middle school are taller than boys.

A girl’s growth pattern has changed significantly as body fat has increased from 8% to 21%.

These oils are also necessary for the reproductive system and the menstrual cycle.

(4) Breast enlargement

Being a virgin. The breast begins to develop and change consciously. Some women are worried because their breasts are not developed.

Some grow quickly, while others grow slowly over a long period of time. Nipple color and development will be noticeable.

(5) Seasonal cycle

The first menstrual period occurs within a few years after breast development.

Menstruation usually lasts from 2 to 8 days and occurs around 21 to 35 days.

(6) White discharge

White discharge may occur due to hormonal changes. Itching. If you feel a strong smell, you need to see a doctor.

(7) Body hair

Between virginity and chai. Some women have hair growth on their upper lip.

The hair can gradually increase.

For girls, if the chest and chin grow due to hormonal imbalance, make sure to see a doctor.

(8) Excessive sweating

Due to hormonal changes, the body often sweats and smells bad.

You can start using antiperspirant.

(9) Pimples

Due to hormonal changes, all kinds of acne can appear on the face of girls. Beauty products should be carefully selected and used.

If it doesn’t get better, see a dermatologist for sure.

(10) Distraction

During puberty, mood changes over time and sadness easily.

Being active. You can experience changes such as intense emotions.

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