10 kisses that will make your lover tremble in your arms

(1) Waterfall kiss

When you meet your lover, hug your lover’s small body like a waterfall flowing down from the height of the mountain, and kiss him passionately.

(2) A joyful kiss

Touching the itchy places on your lover’s body with your fingers, making them laugh and then kissing you

(3) Round and round kiss

Sucking on your lover’s lips and not kissing them, but touching the tip of your tongue on the upper lips, tickling and kissing.

(4) A kiss full of energy

Kissing by putting your whole body in your arms without touching your lover’s lips and rubbing the small of his back with your fingers.

(5) Ice kiss

In the hot season, by eating ice cream with your lover, or either by cold drink or After cooling the lips of both, they kissed

(6) Muhan rich kiss

When you are with your lover, you don’t kiss at first, even if you know that your lover wants you, you pretend you don’t know, and the other side asks you for a kiss.

(7) A secret kiss

Running and playing with your lover, rubbing and touching each other, making you happy and then kissing

(8) Asian kiss or sweet smelling

My lover’s forehead, without touching my lips. Kissing the cheeks with sweet fragrance

(9) The kiss of the skin

They put each other’s mouthfuls of chocolate candy into each other’s mouths and kiss each other.

(11) A kiss of hunger

When you go together with your lover, you look at the situation of the people around you and kiss like a lisp. 10 types of kisses should be remembered.


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