If you decide to get married, sister, read it.

My sister, if you are going to decide to get married, read this. If you are going to decide to get married, sister. 1) Choose a man who is sympathetic rather than someone who is literate. It is very necessary for a person to live with under the same roof to be a person who can empathize with their own feelings.

2) Choose someone with a kind heart rather than an educated person. The person who will be around you for the rest of your life is someone who can support your needs with a kind heart.

It’s very necessary.

3) Choose someone with an honest attitude rather than a rich person.

You can’t just meet your needs with money. In anything, open and honest relationships are the only weapons that keep both sides free of resentment.

4) Choose someone who can make you smile rather than someone who is proud. Human life is like a wave, there are ups and downs, and the person who takes shelter as their own shadow, no matter what difficulties they face, it is important to be the one who makes them smile.

5) Choose someone who has a clean community rather than a good-looking person.

To live under the same roof comes with the environment, and the community of both sides is part of a part of a household. It is most important for a person who has to dedicate his life to be polite in his speech and manners and to value his dignity.

6) Choose someone who understands rather than someone who is rich.

Or it is necessary to be a person who has a great attitude and understanding in his relationship with his community.

In fact, after committing the thing called marriage, whether it is a boy or a girl, the value will decrease from the current value. After the married life, women will have their own rights and be controlled more than men.


You have paid a lot for the right to be yourself. Therefore, if you decide to get married, avoid judging someone superficially. Take your time and study.

You don’t need to watch for a long time to know a person’s mind. Be careful and watch carefully. Answers often come from unexpected things in a person’s mind.

If you want to be happy for the rest of your life, in order not to make the wrong choice, sometimes you have to be close to your tears, sister.


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