(4) Reasons why you should not get married as a teenager

In this era, young children are getting married, whether in their own community or not. You may have heard it often in your surroundings.

Especially many young people under the age of 21 are running away. Mistakes that shouldn’t be made and getting married at a young age.

Actually, to establish a marriage is easy in thought, but in reality it is quite difficult.


So today, I would like to tell you about 5 things that teenagers should not get married at all.

1. It is not easy to fulfill the obligations of marriage at a young age

If a marriage has been established, the wife also has the duties of a wife. The husband also has the duties of a head of the family.

No matter how fashionable and western the perception is, I grew up in the environment of this country, so both husband and wife have their own responsibilities.

Therefore, it is best to get married when you can fulfill these obligations and have confidence in yourself.

2. Being young people, they can’t control something

Marriage is very difficult, but divorce is very easy as it only takes one signature.

If they get married at a young age, they are often very impulsive because they are young people.

Something will break apart, Issues such as marriage are usually more common among young people who get married at a young age.

3. Freedom often ends

If you get married at a young age, you will not be able to return to the youth you used to have behind the scenes of raising children and supporting your wife.

As for the boys, they went to school with their boarding mates like before. go up to the club Rave at festivals,


Girls also go out shopping. Small fingernails and toenails You can’t do it anymore by going to the spa.

Only sometimes you can do this kind of thing. Therefore, it is best to spend the youth like a youth.

4. It’s too early to be a parent

Being a parent is a big responsibility. Necessary equipment related to your child, Children’s school fees Food costs, etc. do not fall from the rain.

You have to have an income of your own. Even if you get a job at a young age, the income from it does not cover the expenses of the whole family. Therefore, it is still quite early to reach the place of parents at a young age.

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