The gold price/silver price/dollar price will change soon

The value of the Myanmar kyat has fallen again. The price of foreign currency has risen again

According to this pattern, I think the price range will continue around this rate

There is a sense that it will not be easy to return to the same price as before

1 baht is around 100 kyats
1 yuan around 500 kyats
1 both around $2650

I think the market around this time will be good if it doesn’t go up again

Bark gold price reached over 38,100,000, and silver rose by more than 3,750 kyats per US dollar.

The dollar and gold have been closely linked and traded due to the arrests of the military intelligence

Yangon, August 17

Despite various arrests and repressions by the Terrorist War Council to keep the price of gold and the dollar from rising in the domestic market,

16 The price of 1 kyat of pearl barley gold has reached more than 38,100,000 kyats, and the American dollar has also risen to over 3,750 kyats per dollar, according to market investigations.

When the market closed on August 16, bark gold was more than 38,100,000 per kyat. The price rose to 3,750 kyats per US dollar.In the market, the so-called military intelligence groups buy and sell dollars.

As there are chases and arrests of gold buyers and sellers, outsiders are not allowed to enter the market, and they only accept purchases made through mutual friends.

Investigate prices like buying gold and selling gold. Because there was some kind of trapping. “Selling gold from the days of these guys is like selling opium,” said a Yangon gold merchant.

Through that merchant, he connected the big men and found gold. If it is green, it will not be sold, Buy and not buy.

The military council is trying to control the gold market and the dollar market through various controls, but in reality, it is not successful, and only the market price is happening depending on the demand and supply.

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