Movie actor Yoon Yoon, who was able to dance Pagan traditional dance properly

The video is posted below.

This is a video of Yoon Yoon, who was able to dance Burmese dance with true curves and curves.

Fans… Yun Yun has been around for over a decade

He became a successful child actor.

Having won a special Academy Award, Yoon Yoon is now in his twenties

has arrived and continues to act in roles appropriate for her age.

It can be seen that the fans continue to support Yoon Yoon’s artistic activities as he has grown up.

Because he is a famous actor, he has different roles for his fans

Yun Yun, who is always trying to give, shows something strange this time.

Yoon Yun said, “I danced to make memories while I was still wearing a Pagan costume” in her Pagan dance video.

She learned the Pagan dance to match the Pagan dress and performed a memorable dance.

I think the audience will like it after watching Yoon Yoon’s video.


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