The man who cleverly helped the girl who got her period in the car..

There is a man not only in Korea but also among the fans of Asian girls…not because he is famous for his good looks, but because of his gentlemanly behavior. He is known as “Straw berry Milk Oppa” because of his clever behavior of helping a menstruating girl on the bus so that the girl on the other side would not be embarrassed by him.

The incident happened when a girl got her period on the bus and didn’t know what to do or what to wear. She herself had forgotten the next day, so she didn’t have to take any protection. What’s worse is that she had to wear a short skirt at this time because she was going to take pictures… The menstrual blood was all over her clothes and thighs.

I’m ashamed, I’m embarrassed, I don’t know what to do, I don’t know what to do. It’s a really difficult time for a girl. A little angel appeared to save her trouble. At that time, a man came to her side and carried a bottle of strawberry milk from his hand to spill on the girl.

He gave me his jacket and tissue and said, “I’m sorry for the spill. I can tie my clothes around my waist and go.” Helping the girl not to be embarrassed or bystanders to know, he got off the bus…
The girl searched for that boy through the fb page and finally found it again. The girl asked me to pay for the jackpot ticket and feed me something, but… The very honest boy replied that if he saw him again, he would only buy a bottle of strawberry milk again…. Because of his honest and gentlemanly behavior, he has now become a girl’s hero online as “Strawberry Milk Oppa”.

His name is Kang Sung Hyun. His age is (21) and he is from Suwon city. Now we see that there are many fans who support him not only in Korea but all over the world… Aunt May


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